Today I discovered the powerful device Broadlink RM 3 Mini IR Controller.

I purchased one of this last month, and arrived in 15-20 days as is usual with bangood purchases. I followed the instructions for connect it to my WiFi network and I did some test with my air-conditioner unit.

It works fine, you starts the Smartphone App, push on the action icon and then the RM3 Mini switchs to learn mode (white led). At this moment, you pulse the appropiate button on the original remote control pointing to the RM3 Mini, and this funtion is learned, saved in the Smartphone App button and white led is switched off.

Well, until here it’s correct… but… If I have an OpenHAB server with some other devices and sensors, why not could I add this new toy?!?!?


Then I started a search and after few minutes I found the solution:

Everithing is already invented!!

Mainly this invent is:

  • [Raspberry]
  • Install pip package:
  • chmod 777
  • Run ./
  • Install python-dev package: apt-get install python-dev


  • [Synology]
  • python
  • python -m pip install requests


  • Install configparser package: python -m pip install configparser
  • Install netaddr package: python -m pip install netaddr
  • Install pycrypto package: python -m pip install pycrypto
    Download python-broadlink package from:
    clone it from github: sudo git clone
  • Enter to the python-broadlink folder: cd python-broadlink
  • Unzip it to some local folder and install it: sudo python install

Arrived to this point, only download BlackBEanControl and configuration is needed:

  • mkdir ~/BlackBeanControl && cd ~/
  • sudo git clone
  • Edit BlackBeanControl config file: nano BlackBeanControl.ini
  • Add your device configuration under [General] section:
    IPAddress = 192.168.x.x
    Port = 80
    MACAddress = B4:43:0D:FC:18:xx
    Timeout = 10 (time used to learn when a command is not known)
  • Move BlackBeanControl files to some easy-remembered path. LAter form the items config file you will call to it. for example to /usr/share/openhab2/exec/ folder.

In BlackBeancontrol file exist a [Commands] section that will be filled with the commands learned by the RM3 Mini during the first time that you execute a new command.

OK, so… now the only step that we need to do is start the command learning in order to our BlackBeanControl python script will save each action of the original remote control:

  • First of all, replace the first line of, due to the python interpeter is called not correctly:
    #!/usr/bin/env python


  • Run ./ -c AirON (or another command name!)
  • NOTE: If you get this error:
    Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "./", line 167, in <module>
        RM3Device = broadlink.rm((RealIPAddress, RealPort), RealMACAddress)
    TypeError: __init__() takes exactly 4 arguments (3 given)

    You must do this modification in

    sudo nano
    CTRL+_ --> GoToLine 167
    Change line 167 to
    RM3Device = broadlink.rm((RealIPAddress, RealPort), RealMACAddress, RealTimeout)
  • At this momment the RM3 Mini led has been changed to fixed white color, and you will have 10 seconds (Time out value defined in .ini file) for press the corresponding button on the original remote control pointing to the RM3 Mini device.
  • After this seconds, the white led will switch off, and the console prompt will respond other time. If you take a look to the .ini file at this time, you could see the IR value saved from the remote control for this command:
  • [General]
    IPAddress = 192.168.x.x
    Port = 80
    MACAddress = B4:43:0D:FC:18:xx
    Timeout = 10
    AirON = 2600f6006c370d0f0d0e0e290c100d290d0f0d0f0d0f0e280d2a0d0f0d0e0e0e0e290d290e0e0e0e0d0f0d0e0f0d0d0f0d0f0d0e0e0e0e0e0d0f0e0d0e0e0e290d0f0d0e0e0e0d0f0d0f0d0e$
    AirOFF = 260066006c360d0f0d0e0e290d0f0d290e0e0d0f0d0f0d290d2a0d0f0d0e0e0e0e290d290e0e0d0f0c100d0f0d0e0e0e0d0f0d0f0d0e0d0f0d0f0d0f0d0e0e290d0f0d0e0e0e0d0f0c100c0$


It’s time to go to our OpenHAB configuration and add a new Item.

  • If you don’t have teh Exec Binding activated, go to PaperUI Extensions webpage and INSTALL it: http://openhab:8080/ui/index.html#/extensions
  • Edit our /etc/openhab2/items/items.item file and add:
    Switch AirSwitch "Aircon" (LivingRoom) [ "Lighting" ] {exec=">[ON:python /usr/share/openhab2/exec/BlackBeanControl/ -c AirON] >[OFF:python /usr/share/openhab2/exec/BlackBeanControl/ -c AirOFF]"}

    * Don’t forget the [ “Lighting” ] parameter after Scene value in order to Homekit addon could be detect and show in iPhone App HomeKit

  • Edit our /etc/openhab2/sitemaps/default.sitemap file and add:
    Switch item=AirSwitch icon="climate-off"

And the last step is going to our iPhone HomeKit App and magically our new switch control shall has appeared and we could switch on or switch off with Siri’s help!


Enjoy it!!